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Istanbul Tulip Fest | Istanbul Tulip Fest

Every year in April, streets of Istanbul remind more of heaven gardens rather than of the giant metropolis streets. It is because of millions of tulips blossoming in all big and small parks of the city, along the streets and just everywhere in various flowerbeds. Welcome to the annual Istanbul Tulip Festival! During Istanbul tulip fest millions of tulips of more than hundreds different sorts are planted in special rows form early blossoming to later blossoming sort and thus whole April inhabitants and guests of Istanbul can enjoy these splendid flowers.

Photo Session Istanbul Tulip Fest

Photo Session Istanbul

There are two common location where tourists and Istanbul visitors have chance to see millions of tulips, one is Emirgan Korusu and other one is Gulhane Parki. It is interesting festival for tourists and they can have hundreds of photos near tulips. Istanbul Photographer is in your service during tulip fest in April. Tulip Fest is also good background to make photos, you can contact with Istanbul Photographer to have beautiful photos during Tulip Fest Istanbul. Photo sessions can be done from early morning to avoid crowd in Emirgan Park Tulip Fest, Gulhane Park Tulip Fest.

Istanbul Tulip Fest is not only a beautiful activity decorating the city in an outstanding way, it is also carries a special mission of referring to historical and cultural background of Turkey. For Turkey tulip is not only a beautiful flower, it is also important element of Ottoman Culture which was widely used in folklore and calligraphy. The motive of the traditional Ottoman Tulip – red graceful flower with thin long peaked petals can be seen in Ottoman clothing, carpets and famous Iznik ceramic tile decorating walls of mosques and places of Istanbul.

Main activities of Istanbul tulip festival take place in Emirgan Korusu where on it’s big lawns tulips of different sorts and other spring flowers are arranged into magnificent artistic composition. There are special activities organized for breeders from all over the world with the purpose of sharing experience in breeding of new sorts of tulips. Travelers of Istanbul can have a good chance to buy high quality of tulip bulbs of various rare sorts on special flower bazaar arranged in Emirgan Korusu. These tulips are fully produced in Turkey.

How to go to Emirgan Korusu  – Istanbul Tulip Fest:
Emirgan Korusu(Park) is situated in European side in Sariyer distinct. It is possible to take Yenikapi – Taxim – Haciosman Metro M2 and get out the subway in ITU Ayazaga station and then take taxi or minibus or take tram T1 from Sultanahmet Area to Kabatas direction until the last stop, and then take bus number 42T or 40 or 22 and go until Emirgan Bus Stop.

How to go to Gulhane Park – Istanbul Tulip Fest:
Gulhane Park is situated near Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sofia. It is so much close to Sultanahmet distinct. It is possible to reach there by tram T1 and stations is called as Gulhane.