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MINIATURK | Miniaturk, Istanbul

Miniaturk is the first miniature park of Turkey and the biggest one which is placed Golden Horn shore in Istanbul. It had been started to build in June 2001 and it was completed in May 2003. Miniaturk was built on 60.000 square meter field and it is the one of the biggest park in the world. It’s completion time is also the best example in the world for such big size miniature park.

There are totally 128 miniature with 1/25 scale in the park, 59 of them from Istanbul, 57 of them from Anatolia and the rest are from the Ottoman territories outside of Turkish Republic borders. Some of these miniatures’ real size structures are still exists and some of them fully or semi destroyed during centuries. They were tested for all kinds of weather conditions and as results they are in nearly perfect conditions during 12 years with proper maintain.

It takes about two hours to roam around whole park and it is possible to get information by sound from recorder which are placed in front of each miniature. When you buy tickets you should mention which language you prefer to listen, and then it will be defined to your ticket to listen details.

It is allowed to make photos inside the park and it is really fantastic experience to make photos near these amazing objects. When tourists roam around the Miniaturk they feel themselves giant as in stories of Gulliver’s Travels. When you walk over Bosporus Bridge you can watch Haydarpasa train station from above and sea ferries passing in front of it in a small pool. When you come to Sultanahmet district in the park, you will see Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque and when you turn the other side you will see Beylerbeyi Palace and if you walk enough you will reach south east of Turkey in minutes. If you don’t have enough time to roam all over the Turkey, Miniaturk is great place to see whole over the Turkey from Izmir to Mardin, Istanbul to Trabzon, Ankara to Elazig and it is possible to see models which was existed thousands years ago.

There are two shops where you can buy souvenirs, two small museums, one restaurant and one café area. It is possible to buy water and beverages besides beautiful Turkish Foods. There is also small park for kids to have some fun if you visit Miniaturk with your family. There is car parking lot with 500 cars capacity and it is free.  Public transportation (Bus Number: 1453, 41ST,  47C )is available to Miniaturk from Eminonu and taking taxi will not be an expensive choice to access Miniaturk.