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Madame Tussauds™ Istanbul | Madame Tussauds™ Istanbul

Madame Tussauds Istanbul has been opened not long ago. It is located in Taxim, Beyoglu near Demiroren Mall. It is really an interesting museum where is possible to see and make photos of legends from both Turkey and World. Bruce Wills meets you in the entrance and from that moment it starts excited moments. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who is founder of Turkish Rebulic stands in there and looks so real. After that Historical Journey starts from Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Mimar Sinan and Mevlana who are really important in Turkish and Ottoman history. Then world history starts and important figures appear in corridors of Madame Tussauds Istanbul such as Bethoven, Einstien Svete Jobs etc. When historical Journey is being completed then sports hall appears world star footballers, boxers, and Turkish star sports people stand as too real. Museum also has sections for Music and Movie where is possible to see Turkish and World famous fac

Photo Sessions In Istanbul

Istanbul Photographer

It is a unique museum in Istanbul and it should be visited because it brings many famous people from Turkish society perspective. It is so nice to stand near famous people and take photos together. Istanbul Photographer will be ready to take your photos inside Madame Tussauds™ Istanbul and outside museum in most popular places. Your Istanbul vacation will be unforgettable with local Istanbul Photographer.  Photo sessions in Istanbul will be prepared according to vacation plan. Madame Tussauds™ Istanbul tickets can be acquired in the entrance and from the Internet. There are websites where is possible to get tickets with 20% discount.

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Terrorist Attack Istanbul Ataturk Airport | Istanbul is safe?

Unfortunately, yesterday night there was terror attack with 3 suicide bombers. According to news 41 people were killed and more than 200 people in this attack. Istanbul Ataturk Airport has two control point for entrance, first once is while entering airport building and second one is after passport control. Terrorist entered the building and start to shoot people who were waiting in the line to enter airport for first control by AK-47 machine guns. As soon as they started to shoot airport policemen fired their guns. Terrorists denoted their explosives at Ataturk Airport International Terminal.

It was claimed that there were 7 terrorists and they attacked in 3 different points, one terrorist was tackled and then shot by a policeman and people around him succeed to run away. While terrorist was laying on the floor he succeed to blow himself, because of hero policeman he failed to kill other people with explosives.

Last night many planes return from Ataturk Airport and they were sent back to other airports, all flights were cancelled and passengers had to wait in planes for hours. Nobody let go outside of airport and nobody was allowed enter inside to airport for a long time. People who had flight was waiting for re-scheduling flights in front of airport. Main roads to airport were closed and only police and medical vehicles were allowed.

Since 2015 June, almost for a year Turkey fights with different terrorists groups inside and outside of the country. As a result of this so many terrorist attacks happened during this year. Therefore it brings into minds that “Is it safe to travel to Turkey” question. I can not say it is safe or not but terror aims to cause panic in societies and if we accept like that they will. Terrorism is treat for humanism hopefully it will end soon and no more innocent life will not end.  Turkey is European face of Middle East and it is tried to turn it to be a problematic Middle East country by these attacks.

Investigation had been completed and airport started to work as usual, flights has been re-scheduled and Istanbul Airport is now working same busy as normal day. Security was increased than normal and it causes long traffic lines while entering to Ataturk Airport.

Please support Turkey against terrorism and please pray for Turkey!


PS: These photos are not taken by me in this post.


Grand Bazaar | Kapali Carsi

The Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest mall in the world, the construction started in 1455 and it was completed by 1461. In Turkish it is called as Kapali Carsi that means covered mall. It consists of 61 streets which are covered and there are about 3000 shops in the Kapali Carsi. Kapali Carsi gets approximately 350.000 visitors in a day and It is the most attractive place in the world by the number of annual visitors that is above 90 million in a year.

The Grand Bazaar is situated in Fatih district in Istanbul. It is close to Sultanahmet area, and it is possible to reach Grand Bazaar from Sultanahmet either by tram or walk. It is about 15 minutes walking distance from Sultanahmet. If tram is preferred the station is Beyazit and it is easily accessible from Eminonu & Karakoy direction by tramway.

The Grand Bazaar was built right after Istanbul was conquered by Ottoman Empire, and it was devoted to textile trading and in that days it was called as Cevâhir Bedestan (‘Bedesten of Gems’) or Bezzâzistan-ı Cedîd. Bedestan means cloth bazaar and it comes from Persian. According to sources from late 19 century here were 4,399 shops, 2 bedesten,  19 fountains, one hamam and one mosque inside the Grand Bazaar. The Grand Bazaar covers huge area and there are 18 gates that are opening to streets. In 1984 there was an earthquake in Istanbul and the Grand Bazaar was affected badly, by the World War 1 Cevâhir Bedestan had lost popularity in European market.

There are jewellery shops, carpets shops, furnitures goods, leather products, casual clothes and also souvenir shops in Grand Bazaar currently. It takes about 2 hours to roam around whole bazaar including shopping. There are sales people who can speak any language that is enough to communicate with tourists in order to sell something. The Grand Bazaar works everyday except Sundays and bank holidays from 9:00 until 19:00.


The Egyptian Bazaar | Spice Bazaar

The Spice Bazaar

The Spice Bazaar that is situated in Istanbul, Turkey. It is called in Turkish as Mısır Çarşısı which means Egyptian Bazaar. The Spice Bazaar has similar architecture as Grand Bazaar however it is much more smaller than Grand Bazaar.

The Spice Bazaar was built in late 17th century together with New Mosuque (Yeni Camii) in Eminonu area. The revenue from Egypt State of Ottoman Empire was used to build this complex this is why the bazaar is called Egyptian Bazaar in Turkish. Interior of the Spice Bazaar is an important sample for Ottoman architecture and it has similarities with Grand Bazaar.

The Spice Bazaar has L shape from sky and it has 6 entrance from each edge. Although most of the shops have business from spice, it is possible to find some jewellery shops and some souvenirs inside the Bazaar. Besides these, there are also shops where is possible to buy Turkish Delight – Lokum and some other sweets. Totally there are 85 shops inside the Spice Bazaar and they work between 08.00 AM till 07.00 PM in weekdays and Saturday and Sunday The Spice Bazaar opens at 9 AM and works until 6 PM.

The Spice Bazaar is placed in Eminonu, Fatih district of Istanbul. It is near New Mosque (Yeni Camii) in Eminonu Square. It is possible to reach this area by Tramway from Sultanahmet district. It is possible to reach Eminonu from Uskudar and Kadikoy by Ferry, from Taxim area it is possible to come to Eminonu by walk or Tunel (Subway is called as Tunel).


Ataturk Airport | Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Area where Istanbul Atatürk Airport is situated right now,  was started to be used as air field in the begining of 1900s by Ottoman Empire Air Forces.  After foundation of Turkish Republic, airport was open for civil flights in 1925. Official flights started between Istanbul and Ankara in 1933.  Airport was called as Yesilkoy Airport in that time, until 1953 Yesilkoy Airport served for domestic flights.  After Turkish Republic signed Chicago Civil Flight Agreement in 1944, airport construction started for international flights. International flights started officially with domestic and international terminal and 2300m run way in August 1st,1953 from Yesilkoy Airport. Yesilkoy Airport name was converted to Ataturk Airport in 1985.

In the bbeginningof 2000s, TAV Havalimanları company made an greement with government and terminals, run ways and passenger bridges were renewed. According  to ICAO classification,  Atatürk Airport has CAT III certification and it is possible even bad weather conditions. Ataturk Airport covers 11.650.000 square meter area and it is the biggest airport in Turkey by area which it is occupies and number of passengers.

There are food courts, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, arrival and departure free shops, bank branches, atm machines, exchange offices, souvenir shops, cell phone and telco companies,  book store, car rental companies, tourism companies in terminal. Airport security standards are quite high, and it is protected by private security company who are profesional and Istanbul Police Department.

It is possible to use public transportations such as Metro, Bus besides taxis. It is possible to arrive to Taxim and Kadikoy (Anatolian Part Center) by public buses. Metro goes to Aksaray, in order to go to Sultanahmet metro can be used to go to Aksaray and then taxi could be hired, this will be cheapest way to arrive Sultanahmet Area. It is also possible to go to Levent, Mecidiyekoy, Kadikoy areas by taking metro until Sirinevler station and make transfer to Metrobus. In order to use public transportation it is needed to buy Akbil which means smart ticket, that provides cheaper transportation and discount in transfers. Metro station is situated inside airport in ground floor, bus station is situatied outside of airport. There is private bus company which is called as Havatas that provides shuttle service between Airport to Taxim and vice versa. Shuttle has route Airport-Bakirkoy-Aksaray-Taxim.  it is again possible to arrive Aksaray to reach Sultanahmet area with these private buses.

There are some photos from Istanbul Atatur Airport by Istanbul Photographer – Emrah Ayvali. You can contact with me to get printable versions of these photos.


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3rd Bridge Link Between Continentals | Third Bridge

Istanbul is a bridge between Europe and Asia, millions of people, thousands of cars passing everyday from European Side to Anatolian Side and vice versa by sea ways, rail ways and two bridges. First bridge which is called Bogazici Koprusu was completed in 1972 and the second one which is Fatih Sultan Mehmet Koprusu was completed in 1988. Nowadays The 3rd Bridge and North Marmara Highway Project started in 2013. This bridge will be called as Yavuz Sultan Selim Koprusu.

Before project started it was protested from too many sides. First of all people are against Istanbul forests will be destroyed by bridge and highway construction. According to today’s plans forests will remain and there will be only highway that will penetrate through trees but It is believed that near this highway it will be allowed to settle and many constructions will appear and destroy the rest of the forest. Secondly people were against to bridge’s name who is one of the Sultan of Ottoman Empire.

Beside these protests third bridge construction started and still continues. Main aim to transfer vehicles that are having transit pass through Istanbul, and relieve traffic that they cause. It is planned shift trucks and buses traffic from inside of the city to outside of it. It is planned to build railroad on the bridge and provide second railway connection between Europe and Asia after Marmaray project.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is scheduled to finish by 2015 and it’s tight calendar bridge towers rise rapidly. I am planing to share monthly photos from Garipce Village and Poyrazkoy Village in Istanbul where it is possible to monitor construction as whole picture. I hope you will enjoy it. (Istanbul Photographer – Emrah Ayvali)



MINIATURK | Miniaturk, Istanbul

Miniaturk is the first miniature park of Turkey and the biggest one which is placed Golden Horn shore in Istanbul. It had been started to build in June 2001 and it was completed in May 2003. Miniaturk was built on 60.000 square meter field and it is the one of the biggest park in the world. It’s completion time is also the best example in the world for such big size miniature park.

There are totally 128 miniature with 1/25 scale in the park, 59 of them from Istanbul, 57 of them from Anatolia and the rest are from the Ottoman territories outside of Turkish Republic borders. Some of these miniatures’ real size structures are still exists and some of them fully or semi destroyed during centuries. They were tested for all kinds of weather conditions and as results they are in nearly perfect conditions during 12 years with proper maintain.

It takes about two hours to roam around whole park and it is possible to get information by sound from recorder which are placed in front of each miniature. When you buy tickets you should mention which language you prefer to listen, and then it will be defined to your ticket to listen details.

It is allowed to make photos inside the park and it is really fantastic experience to make photos near these amazing objects. When tourists roam around the Miniaturk they feel themselves giant as in stories of Gulliver’s Travels. When you walk over Bosporus Bridge you can watch Haydarpasa train station from above and sea ferries passing in front of it in a small pool. When you come to Sultanahmet district in the park, you will see Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque and when you turn the other side you will see Beylerbeyi Palace and if you walk enough you will reach south east of Turkey in minutes. If you don’t have enough time to roam all over the Turkey, Miniaturk is great place to see whole over the Turkey from Izmir to Mardin, Istanbul to Trabzon, Ankara to Elazig and it is possible to see models which was existed thousands years ago.

There are two shops where you can buy souvenirs, two small museums, one restaurant and one café area. It is possible to buy water and beverages besides beautiful Turkish Foods. There is also small park for kids to have some fun if you visit Miniaturk with your family. There is car parking lot with 500 cars capacity and it is free.  Public transportation (Bus Number: 1453, 41ST,  47C )is available to Miniaturk from Eminonu and taking taxi will not be an expensive choice to access Miniaturk.