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Month: June 2016

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Terrorist Attack Istanbul Ataturk Airport | Istanbul is safe?

Unfortunately, yesterday night there was terror attack with 3 suicide bombers. According to news 41 people were killed and more than 200 people in this attack. Istanbul Ataturk Airport has two control point for entrance, first once is while entering airport building and second one is after passport control. Terrorist entered the building and start to shoot people who were waiting in the line to enter airport for first control by AK-47 machine guns. As soon as they started to shoot airport policemen fired their guns. Terrorists denoted their explosives at Ataturk Airport International Terminal.

It was claimed that there were 7 terrorists and they attacked in 3 different points, one terrorist was tackled and then shot by a policeman and people around him succeed to run away. While terrorist was laying on the floor he succeed to blow himself, because of hero policeman he failed to kill other people with explosives.

Last night many planes return from Ataturk Airport and they were sent back to other airports, all flights were cancelled and passengers had to wait in planes for hours. Nobody let go outside of airport and nobody was allowed enter inside to airport for a long time. People who had flight was waiting for re-scheduling flights in front of airport. Main roads to airport were closed and only police and medical vehicles were allowed.

Since 2015 June, almost for a year Turkey fights with different terrorists groups inside and outside of the country. As a result of this so many terrorist attacks happened during this year. Therefore it brings into minds that “Is it safe to travel to Turkey” question. I can not say it is safe or not but terror aims to cause panic in societies and if we accept like that they will. Terrorism is treat for humanism hopefully it will end soon and no more innocent life will not end.  Turkey is European face of Middle East and it is tried to turn it to be a problematic Middle East country by these attacks.

Investigation had been completed and airport started to work as usual, flights has been re-scheduled and Istanbul Airport is now working same busy as normal day. Security was increased than normal and it causes long traffic lines while entering to Ataturk Airport.

Please support Turkey against terrorism and please pray for Turkey!


PS: These photos are not taken by me in this post.